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Increase Your Business Work Efficiency With Our Queue System

With the queue system, customers waiting their turn would have information right at their fingertips on how long it will take to get attended to, thereby saving unnecessary wait times on long queue.

Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Runs on the Cloud

All data are stored on the cloud, ensuring a smooth experience for both clients' and their customers


Customized back-end and front-end functions to support queue on site, as well feedback gathering, suited to clients' needs


As long as there is internet connectivity, the solution can be accessed from any device (kiosk, tablet, monitor, etc.)


Generate various reports such as customer feedbacks, waiting times and staff review, which can be used to further improve service

Fast & Efficient

Manage the entire customers' service journey

Let your customers book appointment at the comfort of their homes, check-in at your centres with minimal waiting time and collect feedback post-service, all via a single comprehensive solution.


Components of the Queue System


Ticket Dispenser

  • Support multiple users
  • Simple ticketing system for queries and departments
  • Unique number for each printed ticket

Token Calling

  • Support system across various languages
  • Instant notification for missed ticket numbers
  • Can be used for several counters and departments seamlessly
  • Detailed preview system for ticket holders

Display Screen for Tokens

  • View reviews by satisfied customers
  • Information on services provided by the company
  • Display all numbers including the ones on call and those skipped
  • Announcement that can be understood clearly


  • Instant SMS alerts for customers
  • Convenient to use with an excellent interface
  • Accurate information on approximate wait time
  • Save the time of visitors as they are alerted when it’s their turn

Protect Your Customers, Protect Your Business

#1 Ranked Queue Management System

Customers of the Queue System

Testimonials of our Principal

I appreciate the help of the company especially from Rohit (Account Manager). He is especially accommodating and it is my pleasure to work with him on the revamp of our queue management system. Thank you Awebstar!
Penelope Ng
Customer Service Manager, JTC
They are a dedicated company. After work service was excellent. A company that has good working culture and after service response.
Ong Sin Hu
People's Association, Wisma Geylang Serai
Thanks a lot to the Business Development Manager Mr. Rohit Garg and his team. They are very professional and patient in web design.
Tan Hee Ling
National University of Singapore